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Knoppix Remaster

Updated 2007.11.30



Added Tools and Docs

Boot and Graphics Customizations

Custom KDE Menu


Bugs & Fixes - vary with version

  1. DHCP boot hang.    Fixed in 5.0.1.

    Booting with DHCP enabled will hang the boot on some systems.  Seems to be fixed in 5.0.1.

  2. USB 2.0 driver not loaded.  Fixed in 5.0.1.

    As mentioned in the 4.0.2 bug list, in Knoppix 4.0.2 (fixed in 5.0.1) the USB 2.0 driver isn't loaded at boot due to a typo in linuxrc in the miniroot.  This can cause slow USB operation (and booting if via USB) or it can cause the dreaded "Can't find Knoppix filesystem... dropping you to a (very) limited shell" boot failure.

    Post-boot (if it boots) just

    to load the USB 2.0 driver module.  If booting from a USB fob (or drive) just replace /boot/isolinux/miniroot.gz with a corrected version.  This file is outside the compressed filesystem so remastering isn't necessary if on a writable filesystem; just copy it to /boot/isolinux/minirt.gz.  I have posted my fixed version here: minirt.gz.

    NOTE: This is a little surprising, but if I copied minirt.gz to my USB fob (replacing the original file on a fob that had an already-running 4.0.2 install on it) using XP drag-and-drop (click and drool) the file copied OK, but the fob wouldn't boot all the way.  It would come almost all the way up and hang at "looking for CD on /dev/sda1".  Rewriting the file from Linux fixed it up.  No idea if XP was corrupting the copy somehow (probably???) or tweaking the filesystem or ?

    Let me know if my repaired minirt works for you - or doesn't.

    To fix the miniroot yourself:

    Copy /cdrom/boot/isolinux/minirt.gz somewhere handy and gunzip it.  Loop mount it:

    Edit /mnt/<your mount point>/linuxrc  and change the line


    Also add some delay to allow time for the module to load.  I added 10 seconds.  5 seconds seemed to be enough, but others recommend 10 and who am I to argue.

    Save the edited linuxrc, unmount minirt, gzip it, and copy it to <master mount point>/boot/isolinux/minirt.gz (if remastering) or other appropriate target location.

  3. Free DOS won't boot.  (5.1.1)

    A missing "memsdisk" entry prevents Free DOS from booting.  See Knoppix 5.1.1 Bugs on the wiki.  

  4. No CDROM icon on desktop.  (5.1.1)

    The CDROM icon doesn't appear until some other drive icon is clicked.

  5. USB fob doesn't always automount.  (5.1.1)

    This varies.  A FAT32 will sometimes not automount when plugged in.  The error is "can't determine file system type".  It can still be manually mounted:  mount -t vfat /dev/something /mnt/something


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