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After 49 years in business, 2015 will be our last.  Please use the Contact Us link for details.

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High performance Versatec (VPI), Centronics, and DR11 interface products for Plotting, Printing, and high speed 16-bit I/O via Ethernet, and on PCI, Sbus, ISA/EISA, VME, MicroChannel, and other bus architectures.


In August, 2001, Tahoma Technology purchased certain of the assets of the "Ikon Corporation", a division of IKON Office Solutions (IOS).  The people at Tahoma Technology are the same people that made up and ran Ikon Corporation as a division of IOS.  It has been an enjoyable four years with IOS, but we are happy and excited to be back on our own.

We are the same people, with the same products, and the same insistence on performance and quality.

Please use the Products link for product information.  Device drivers, documentation, errata, code samples, and utility programs can be found via the Downloads page.  Tahoma Technology provides no-charge drivers - source included - for SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, and Linux.  For pricing and availability of AIX, IRIX, DOS, and Windows (including NT) drivers, please contact Interface Consultants.

Thanks for your interest in our products,
Tahoma Technology



As of January 1 2016, Tahoma Technology is no longer in business.

We will continue to monitor email for at least one year.

Please use the Contact Us link for information.