Beezmo: See above.

This site contains a random collection of photos, unfinished website experiments, and blogs.

There are notes on installing Windows (98SE, 2000, XP, and/or Vista) and various versions of Linux and Solaris on ThinkPads R40, T43, T61, and T400, a "white box" based on an Intel D945GCZ P4 motherboard, and a Sun W1100Z Opteron-based workstation.  And a few notes on the "One Laptop Per  Child" project XO model and an Acer Aspire one netbook.

You will also find reports on putting Knoppix Linux on a bootable USB thumb drive and remastering Knoppix to reduce its size, add some tools, and customize the graphics and menus (see "FloobyDust").

Update 2011.04.13: This site - especially the tech stuff - has gotten rather stale.  More recent posts will be found on the new blog-style portion of the site: GeezBlog